Easter Week, 2021

Dear Friends,

I rejoice with you over the LORD’s Resurrection.  After more than 4 months of concentrated work, Dr. Sam Chung and his team finally finished creating an online teaching platform for DCMi’s international outreach.  We are in the process of enrolling 10 church leaders of Rwanda for our leadership development conference via the online teaching platform.  In the upcoming three months these 10 leaders will extensively study Christian leadership with me in use of this new platform.  This initial training will help us to discover technical glitches which the team will fix during the summer.  Then, from the fall, our effort to reach out and develop church leaders of various mission fields will launch full-scale.  It is a paradox that COVID-19 blessed DCMi with the creation of this ministry tool.  DCMi will offer upgraded ministry as the post-Pandemic world unfolds.

The political upheaval of Myanmar is heartbreaking.  In 2013 in Yangon, our team had the privilege of holding the biggest gospel festival in the history of Myanmar.  Three after that, Franklin Graham’s team held an unprecedented gospel festival which more than doubled the size of our festival.  All these Christian outreach efforts boosted the growth of Christianity in Myanmar.  Up until the end of 2020, the military government of the time, which had “ruled” the nation over the past 50 plus years, voluntarily allowed a democratic presidential election.  Of course, the people of Myanmar elected the democratic candidate as their leader and the nation has been rapidly progressing under the new leadership.  All these positive changes were halted when the military illegally overthrew the democratic government a few months ago.  The soldiers and police of this illegal military regime have already killed more than 100 peaceful demonstrators.  Please pray with us for Myanmar.  Since Myanmar is in this turmoil, extremely poor Christians with disabilities in the province of Kachin that were supported by fellow Christians are not getting any support.  DCMi’s board voted to send them some food support.  If you would like to help provide food to these precious children of God, you can send DCMi your contribution with a memo, “Myanmar.”  We will send the total amount of your support to these people.  DCMi’s leadership is sensing that God is calling us back to Myanmar to develop quality leadership.  We will see how the Lord will guide us.

Thank you for your prayer and financial support.  We love you and pray for you.

In Christ,