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While the wind of spiritual revival was sweeping Korea, the Lord called David, a teenager, to the ministry of global missions and evangelism. Since then, fulfilling the Great Commission has been David’s single objective in life.

Even as David served as Pastor and Professor of Old Testament, David’s heart was always on the mission field.

Once David left Ukraine and went home to Texas, a Christian couple that were dear friends of David invited him to their home for dinner.  Unbeknownst to David, this couple had also invited their friends.  After a delicious meal and hearty conversation, the couple handed David a significant amount of money that had been collected from all these people and said, “David, this is our gift for you.  We want you to use this gift to start your own ministry of global missions.”  These friends were the original Board of Directors in the early days of David Chung Ministries International (DCMi).

DCMi has gone over the borders of Eastern Europe and is now reaching around the world by transforming lives and raising up leaders through citywide gospel festivals and leadership conferences.

It was while David was serving in Ukraine in the early 2000’s that the Lord specifically spoke to David:

“David, I want you to lead 500,000 people to myself from this part of the world.”

“Lord, how can I do that? 500 – maybe, but certainly not 500,000! I am not a Billy Graham.”
“David, is it possible for one pastor to reach out to one thousand people?”
“Yes Lord, some pastors grow their churches to have one thousand people or more.”
“If you will develop 500 pastors that can respectively reach out to 1000, that is 500,000.”

Our Mission

Reach | Teach | Transformation

Reach People
     Teach Leaders
          Transform Nations

Our Core Values

Evangelism | Leadership | Integrity | Research
Transformation through Spiritual Awakening

Doctrinal Statement

DCMi endorses The Lausanne Covenant and pursues to fulfill it.

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