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Leaders are readers.

Discipleship through the Eyes of Leadership

Recently, I attended the 28th Annual Discipleship Training Leadership Seminar at Sarang Community Church in Anaheim, CA.   In this powerful seminar, I learned the late Pastor John Oak’s passion for discipleship and his philosophy and practice of discipleship training....


Who said that everything in this world evolves over time? Leaders do not naturally evolve into better leaders but a leader’s skills can certainly erode without purposely striving for continual improvement. Do humans automatically mature in old age based on their life...

Tribute to Ravi Zacharias

One of the most influential persons that helped shape who I am and what I do is Ravi Zacharias. Ever since I heard him speak for the first time in Amsterdam in 1986, my heart has been drawn to this man’s life and ministry. When I personally met him in 1987, he handed...

Pastor Ham Suey

Pastor Ham Suey, the current Chair of the Pastors Association of the Banteay Meanchey Province of Cambodia, is a very warm-hearted and meek person.  When this association decided to host a citywide gospel festival with DCMi, he gave a word of encouragement to the...

Message Vs. Messenger

All that we know about Amos is what is written in the book named for him.  Amos received God’s message for Israel in a ‘vision’ while he was among the shepherds of Tekoa then he declared that message like a roaring lion (1:2).  Amaziah, the priest of Bethel, reported...

Leader’s Character

So much of leadership relies on good character. Trust is created through it. Talent is protected by it. Internal peace is fostered by it. People cannot climb beyond the limitations of their character. Leaders cannot succeed beyond the depth of their character. Good...

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DCMi upholds The Lausanne Covenant and strives to fulfill it.

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