Dear Friends,
Yesterday evening, we arrived in Sisophon, the capital of the Bantey Meanchey Province of Cambodia.  It has been three years since I had to drop everything I was doing here and return to the States due to the outbreak of Covid here.
We will resume our gospel festival preparation this morning with the local pastors.  Our focus for the remainder of this year will be enhancing the local pastors’ ministry capacity by providing pastor development classes.  Next year’s focus will fall on equipping all Christians of this province with the gospel for evangelism and the methods of basic discipleship.  Then, the gospel festival will be held on December 24-25, 2024.  Please see the promotional video we put together 3 years ago.
The man standing to my left is Pastor Ham Suey, the Chair of the Banchey Meanchey Pastors’ Association.  My intestinal condition is very stable.  Thank you for praying.
Together in Harvest!