Re: Educational Needs in Nigeria
August 22, 2023

Hi Steve,
Currently, we operate a primary and high school that provides affordable, quality education to low-income communities in Jos. Drawing on our experience, we have observed that short-term relief often falls short of contributing to sustainable development.

Partnership with Kingdom Citizens College (KCC):
The impact of violence on innocent children within our region has compelled us to take meaningful action. We have been providing educational scholarships to children from low-income communities in Jos, especially those disproportionately impacted by conflict and violent insurgency.  Education, in our belief, serves not only as a means to empower individuals but also as a tool for nurturing resilient communities and transforming nations. In light of this, we have developed a comprehensive educational initiative known as the Excellent Performance Support Scheme (EPSS). This initiative is designed to offer support and rehabilitation to children directly affected by violence and has displayed an aptitude for learning.

Since launching this initiative in 2012 we have successfully enrolled 25 children from elementary school who have completed high school and now exploring opportunities in higher education. We aim to triple this reach in the upcoming school academic year, beginning in September 2023.  For us to effectively carry out this initiative and extend assistance to as many deserving children as possible, we acknowledge the importance of forging partnerships. This is where we believe the proposed funds could create a significant and long-term impact in the lives of the target children impacted by violence in Jos, which we intend to reach in our next phase of the program. If considered, I would like to propose a cost-sharing partnership with KCC. By sharing the financial responsibilities of this initiative, I believe, we can collectively transform the lives of the targeted children by providing them with quality education and the necessary tools to overcome their traumatic experiences and contribute positively to society.

I am open to exploring levels of engagement that may align with your philanthropic objectives. Let me know your thoughts.

Blessings brother,