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Regarding Humanitarian Relief Needs in Nigeria
August 19, 2023

Hi Antoinette
There have been some 55 Jihadist attacks on small farming villages in Plateau State since May 15. Over 600 were killed, triple wounded, and somewhere between 18,000 and 40,000 Internally Displaced Persons.  Since 2008 there have been over 55,000 Christians killed by Muslims and over 18,000 villages razed including churches burned down and approximately 4 to 5 million Internally Displaced Persons living in camps.  There is a real need for some very basic—rice, corn meal, soap to wash with, etc.

New Life for All has been trying to go to the IDP camps near them and help with some small amounts of food, soaps, and cooking oil.  In fact, Tim just reached out to the Billy Graham Association’s top leader. They were going to see if Samaritan’s Purse might be willing to help with funds or directly.  I don’t know the response to this yet!  But if you want, New Life for All would take whatever gift and excepting fuel for transport would go purchase and deliver these much-needed items and share Christ and pray with them. They have been doing this for a while. Not like a big relief
development agency but in smaller ways that make a difference for 20 to 100 or more at a time—including traumatized children and women.

Hope that helps!
Mike Parker