Dear Friends,
My coworker Antoinette Williams is sick in Ethiopia.  We often experience this in the course of our ministry due to food and water.  Please pray for her restoration.  Antoinette has been developing indigenous Ethiopian evangelists serving in Muslim-saturated areas.  She has been developing a group of nextgen leaders as well.  We have been planning to have her ministry expand to reach some persecuted Christian leaders of Djibouti.

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Steve and I had a fruitful ministry in two different cities in Nepal.  Those young nextgen leaders who came to our conferences are all inspired to discipline themselves to be the best Christian leaders to transform their country in their time.  I am writing this email to you at the coffee shop nearby Kathmandu Airport.  In 2 hours, we will fly to the 3rd city for our conference.  The summits of the Himalayas we saw above the clouds from the airplane were literally breathtaking.  Please keep praying for our ministry.

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Thank you for your support and prayers.
From Kathmandu,