Dear Brothers and Sisters,                                                              November 2004

Surprise, surprise, surprise! Yes, I am in Tacoma, Washington! Following the Lord’s leading, I moved to the Seattle area last February and have thoroughly loved it here. The Lord prepared an office space for my ministry here in Tacoma so I have launched David Chung Ministries International (DCMi) full-scale!

Teamed up with Global Missions Fellowship, I went to Romania in early July to proclaim Christ in two cities of Romania. To make a long story short, the Lord gave us a very fruitful ministry in Romania. More than 1,000 Romanians were born again into God’s kingdom and I was told that 3-4 churches were planted for these new converts.

Of all the great memories, there are three that are particularly unforgettable. First, while preaching at a Colligate Rally at Emanuel David Preaching through pastor Mihai Church in Galati there was an overwhelming response to my message entitled “Young People, Dream Great Dreams.” I was so thrilled to see the streams of young people coming forward to kneel at the altar, committing themselves to become pillars of faith for the future of Romania. My eyes moistened as I prayed with each one. A few of them approached me after the rally and thanked me for encouraging them to hold onto their dreams of accomplishing great things for the Lord when their living situation was so harsh that they had almost forgotten those dreams. Isn’t this the greatest joy for an evangelist?

Secondly, I prayed with a Romanian college professor in Bucharest who had accepted the Lord some 12 years ago right after the Revolution. He said that he was so zealous after his conversion that he naturally shared the gospel everywhere he went, resulting in the establishment of two new churches. One day, however, he was carried to the hospital after collapsing in total exhaustion. After a series of tests and treatments, he was left half-paralyzed. His physician told him that he could walk again if he would receive rehabilitation that would cost him $600 US, but he could not afford it. For the past four years, he had been lying in bed in absolute despair because he was unable to walk. After we prayed with him, he stood up with me and, as I held him by the hand, he began to walk. As he walked with me, he asked if he could try walking all by himself. I let go of his hand and had the privilege of beholding this big man walk slowly by himself sobbing and praising God.

Thirdly, the Lord gave me a vision two years ago of helping train 500 leaders in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union countries who can respectively lead 1,000 people to the Lord.
Ever since, I have been looking for leaders in whom I can invest what I am and what I have. I praise the Lord that He led me to my first prospective leader in Galati, Romania. Pastor Mihai of
Emanuel Church in Galati currently has 400 people in his church and I have seen unlimited potential in him. I am convinced that with a little bit of outside assistance, he will soon become a
national Christian leader, I would love to see his influence grow Baptism in the Danub River over time.

Upon returning from Romania in late July, I served as the translator for the Korean World Missions Conference in Chicago. Approximately 700 Korean missionaries representing 187 nations as well as 2,000 mission-minded Korean Christian leaders attended the conference. In addition, I was encouraged to see 1,000 English-speaking second generation Koreans participating in the conference. These conference participants have committed themselves to finishing the Great Commission in our generation.

In early August, I spent a week in Pasadena, CA with some 100 missionaries training to serve as English and business teachers in China, Russia, Vietnam, Eastern Europe, and other restricted countries. Reflecting on their commitment demonstrated in their willingness to leave their comfortable lives in America to go to these countries, I realized that the Lord’s plan for America in the enterprise of World Missions is not over yet.

Upon leaving California, I traveled to Vancouver, Canada to lead a youth retreat. The Lord really touched the young people at the retreat and I am grateful to the Lord for the way they responded to the message. Please pray that the Spirit of God will continue to work in their hearts causing them to stick with the commitments they made at the retreat. I was also privileged to speak at two different churches in Vancouver on the following Sunday.

As summer kept me busy with a great deal of travel, fall continues to keep me busy even without much travel. The highlight of our ministry this fall is starting (and perhaps completing) the water project in Ukraine. My teammate Elaine Meade went to Svalyava, Ukraine while I was working in Romania this summer to gather information on how to conduct the water project. Based on her research, she will start the construction with 7 people from her church in October. People have donated $2,000 to DCMi for this water project and Elaine has raised $1,200. Please pray for the Lord to provide an additional $1,000 to complete the project. Also pray that I will be able to go to the Gypsy village in Svalyava next summer to bring about spiritual revival in conjunction with this water project.

The two-fold purpose of DCMi is to help evangelize the world as well as to help evangelize our nation, particularly the Pacific Northwest where I live. Compared to the Dallas area, which is known as the Bible-belt, less than 3% of the population here is Christian. If that is true, THIS IS A PRIME MISSION FIELD. Thankfully, my ministry in Tacoma is growing day by day. Please pray that my influence as a Christian leader will gain momentum right here in the Pacific Northwest.

You can learn more about my ministry at May the Lord abundantly bless you in this season of harvest! As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, please know that I am so grateful to God for your partnership and support. I thank you very much for you prayers and generosity.

In Christ,

David Chung

P.S. In early 2003 I met this great lady, Susan Kay Stinson, and I fell in love with her. Well, actually she was nice enough to accept my proposal and we are getting married in Vicksburg, MS, on January 15, 2005! I’ll tell you more about that in my next update