Dear Friends,                                                                                                        November 8, 2018

Fall has definitely come to Seattle. I trust you are enjoying the fall wherever you are.

There has been no drastic persecution of Christian church since the anti-conversion took effect in Nepal on August 16. Because evangelism has been banned by law, I believe it is our call to focus on developing church leadership during this time-frame in Nepal. My evangelist friend,
Raymond Centenni, held a pastors conference in Nepal in early October where 300 pastors packed the auditorium with a burning desire to grow as spiritual leaders. My friend, Ken Mattheis, also travelled all over Nepal throughout October praying at strategic places and speaking at various training seminars and churches. I am planning to go to Nepal next spring to
help develop Nepalese church leaders, especially next generation young leaders.

On November 21, I am departing for India. In a Muslim-saturated city called Saharanpur, 2000 Christians will gather under the banner of “Arise Saharanpur” to pray for a spiritual awakening in India. I am scheduled to preach at two different churches on Nov. 25 (Sun) and at Arise Saharanpur Revival on Nov. 26 (Mon). The Indian visa agency, however, refused to give me an “eVisa” and told me to apply for a regular visa at the Indian Consulate in San Francisco. Would you pray for a provision of Indian visa? Would you also pray with me that the Lord would give a message for these Indian Christians praying for a spiritual awakening?

On November 27, after Arise Saharanpur, I am flying to Cambodia for a strategy meeting with key denominational leaders of the Cambodian Church. At this meeting, the Cambodian leaders will assign DCMi to a strategic city where we will develop pastors and church leaders for
evangelism and discipleship for an extended time-frame. This endeavor will culminate in a city- wide gospel festival through which we will gather a spiritual harvest. This gospel festival in conjunction with the Franklin Graham Festival scheduled in November next year will certainly
bring an unprecedented season of the gospel in Cambodia. I am looking forward to seeing the Lord turning the former “killing field” into a vital spiritual “harvest field.”

Would you dream and pray with us that God will use us to fulfill the great commission in our generation.