Dear Friends,

Worshipping the Father with some 25 Christian leaders of Senegal was a blissful experience. They started the first day of my teaching with worship. Two missionaries told me that since only 0.19% are evangelical Christians, the socio-economic level of Christians is at the bottom of the social ladder. Thus, almost ALL Christian leaders cannot afford to get a theological education. Against this backdrop, these missionaries were encouraged to see some 25 pastors and leaders attend ATI for a week of training. They said that unless a scholar or leader from overseas comes to Senegal on their own travel expenses and teaches these leaders without honorarium, these pastors will never be trained and Christianity will always remain shallow in Senegal.

If you would like to partner with me in developing church leaders in French-speaking West Africa, would you click the Invest button on this website and donate to DCMi? Should you do that, please write West Africa. Then, I will designate your gift only for the purpose of developing church leaders in Francophone Africa where Christianity is a minority in contrast to East Africa. Any amount will be multiplied because we are more than one.

One of these leaders emailed me after my first class today:

“Dr. Chung, I really thank God for thé course. As i read thé book i’m learning a lot. Specially about my weaknesses. A lot of work to do to become a great Leader. Pray for us. For me. I need more courage to Take Up thé challenges.”