Dear Friends,
I attended Easter service at my translator Pastor Phearum Ean’s church.  Some 40 people came to the service and 2/3 of them were young people.  In spite of 97F hot weather, they worshiped the Lord in a shabby tin church without an airconditioner.  I saw the joy of the Lord on their faces.
On Easter evening, I was invited to a meaningful ceremony held at a local Methodist church.  In celebration of Easter, this church invited 100 children of poor families and presented to each child $25 worth of school supplies as an Easter gift.  The governor of the province also showed up, and I had the privilege of sitting right behind him in the VIP section.  After praise and worship, the pastor’s short Easter message, traditional Cambodian dance, children’s choir, and adult choir, the governor stood behind the podium to speak.  His first word was “Hallelujah!”  Having a governor speak at a church meeting in a country where 98% of the population is Buddhist seldom happens, I am sure.
After speaking highly of the church’s effort to support these underprivileged children, the governor encouraged the children to excel in their studies.  After the ceremony was over, the governor personally invited me and Larry to sit at his table for dinner.  He seemed to have recognized us for our supply of food during the time of Covid.  I am planning to keep developing this relationship with the governor so that every possible door will open for us to proclaim the gospel to every segment of this province through our festival next year. 
We will serve here for 3 more days.  Thank you for your prayers.
From Sisophon, Cambodia,
PS. Explanation of the photos
1. Pastor Ean’s congregation
2. Pastor Ean
3. Larry and I with the Governor of the Banteay Meacheay Provinceeceien