Dear Friends,


Thank you sooooo much for praying for me to make a quick right decision.  So many people replied to my email with godly ideas.  As I sought the Lord, the Lord gave me four thoughts as follows:


1. God will use me if I will go to India this week as I have planned.  

2. God will use me if I change the plan and go there next year.

3. Because of my current intestinal problem, I should not try to overdo myself (7 months of intestinal problem since I returned from Nepal.  My GI specialist abruptly scheduled me in on Tuesday this week).

4. God has given me way more to give to the church of India than what I can give them through one preaching at the prayer rally this time.


Instead of going to the prayer rally in India this year, I decided to go to India next year with more strategic approach.  My Cambodia schedule is still intact.  Please pray for us with regards to our travel to Cambodia.


Thank you once again for your prayer.