Dear Friends,
Last March from all over Nepal, we recruited 100 young Nepalese Christians for leadership development courses we were to offer online.  These are to be developed as Davids, Daniels, and Nehemiahs of Nepal.  Knowing that they were to receive training from July, these young leaders’ morale skyrocketed!
In April, however, our coordinator Biru Tamang’s first son was involved in a serious car accident and was put in the hospital.  While Biru was so focused on taking care of his son, his 104-year-old mother was also hospitalized, so Biru had to go back and forth to two different hospitals to take care of his son and his mother.  Thankfully, his mother was sent home after a couple of weeks of treatment in the hospital, but a couple of weeks later, she was hospitalized again and ultimately passed.
It has been slightly less than a month since Biru lost her mother now.  While he has been grieving, he has been taking care of his son in the hospital.  Biru is physically and emotionally burned out and financially drained.  He wants to start working so that our program will start in August.  Would you uplift Pastor Biru Tamang in our prayers?
PS.  The photo was taken while David, Steve, and Biru traveled all over Nepal last March to recruit young Christian leaders.