Dear Friends,                                                                                                                         April 17, 2022

The National Churches Fellowship of Nepal’s 64th annual General Assembly was a hot event.  Although the organizers prepared to receive some 600 participants, 1200 pastors showed up.  These pastors wholeheartedly worshipped the Lord in the auditorium that was sizable only for 600 people with no air conditioners.  You can see part of their worship in the link below.

During the opening ceremony, the participating pastors gave Dr. Brian Winslade, the Deputy Secretary-General of the World Evangelical Alliance, a round of applause when he remarked, “The Nepali Church is not alone.  The 600 plus million Evangelicals of the world are with you.”

I appealed to the Nepali church leaders to start developing next-generation leaders now.  On the next day, my team shared with the Nepali church leaders the online leadership development program we have developed.  The Nepali church leaders were excited about our proposal and they wanted to start developing next-generation leaders in collaboration with DCMi.

On the way to Nepal, I was able to go to Korea to officiate my Aunt’s funeral.  Thank you for praying for our family.  My Aunt is in heaven now and our family has been comforted.  I am so looking forward to going to heaven myself when it is my time.

I will keep you posted on our ministry in Nepal.


PS.  The attached photo is that of my Aunt and me at the Incheon International Airport on my way to Seattle from Nepal in 2015.