Dear Friends,                                                                                                  March 26, 2022

Recently, I received a very important invitation to Nepal.  The National Churches Fellowship of Nepal (NCFN) extended an official invitation to me to come preach at their 64th Annual General Assembly, May 5-7.  600 Nepalese pastors will attend this General Assembly under the theme of Revival Us Again (Ps 85).  This particular General Assembly is significant because of these two reasons.  First, this is their first General Assembly since the two other national level Nepalese Christian associations decided to become one with the NCFN a month ago.  In so doing, all Christians of Nepal have become united as literally one body in Christ (There are approximately 1.2 million Christians in Nepal).  Second, this is the first meeting in two years since they could not hold meetings of this size due to the Pandemic.  Thus, Nepalese church leaders have high hopes for the outcome of this meeting.

Since last Fall, DCMi has been developing Online Leadership Development courses to develop Nepalese young people as leaders.  During this meeting, DCMi’s leaders will explain to the Nepalese pastors what we are trying to accomplish through this program:  In collaboration with Nepalese churches, we would like to develop Christian young people as top leaders to serve in every aspect of Nepalese life including the government and business.  It is our desire to see these young Christians transform the nation in the upcoming 30 years or so.   Would you stand with us in transforming Nepal with the gospel?

During this time, my teammate Antoinette will be serving in Ethiopia and Djibouti.  As Antoinette has always done so every year, she will provide training to the native Ethiopian evangelists that are serving in a Muslim saturated area.  After that training program is over, she will move to Addis to train the collegiate group who will potentially become the next-generation church leaders of Ethiopia.  After this training conference is over, Antoinette is going to Djibouti to meet with a small number of suffering Christian leaders to encourage them and build relationships with them for future leadership development and collaboration.  As you may already know, Djibouti is a serious unreached country and the government has been persecuting Christian churches big time.  Against this backdrop, Antoinette’s visit to Djibouti is significant for our ministry.

Last Sunday, I had the privilege of preaching on death and heaven at my church.  Isn’t it odd that on Wednesday, I got a message from my cousin in Korea that her mother (my favorite aunt) just passed away?  I am writing this letter on the airplane flying to Korea.  I will arrive in Korea Saturday evening and will officiate a funeral service Sunday morning.  Due to the Pandemic, Sunday morning was the only time we could use the funeral home for a very short service.  Would you pray that God will use this service to touch the hearts of the family who do not know Christ yet?  Please pray also that the Lord will comfort my uncle as he lost his wife and my cousins as they lost their mother.  I will directly fly to Nepal from Korea next week.  The following link is my message on death and heaven.

Thank you so much for your support.  Looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours in Christ,

David Chung

The three top churchmen of Nepal after signing

the Mou for limitless collaboration and unity