Dear Friends,

Thanks to your prayers, my preaching was warmly accepted at City Vision Church of Ulaanbaatar.  Many people accepted Christ and many came forward to receive prayer.  While we were going to a different town, pastor Sheika told me, “David, Mongolia has one Christian congresswoman and she comes to our church.  Being the only Christian, she has often been lonely in the congress, but she was inspired by your message and by your prayer this morning.  She wants to buy you dinner on Tuesday.  Can we have dinner with her Tuesday evening?”

That evening I spoke at a meeting for medical specialists at a local hospital two hours away from Ulaanbaatar.  I was asked not to preach to these people because not all of them were Christians.  Thus, I spoke on <how we can live a successful life > and, of course, I sneaked in the gospel in my sharing.  As we were driving back, pastor Sheika told me, “David, this is exactly the kind of message we Mongolian professionals need.  Would you come to our country often?  I will gather more doctors, specialists, and even military personnel.  I am seeing another opportunity to preach the gospel and raise leaders is opening up.

Together in Harvest,