Dear Friends,

I just wrapped up my ministry in Mongolia.  The only schedule left is to have dinner with the only Christian congresswoman of Mongolia and encourage her.  I am departing Mongolia for Cambodia at 1:30 pm tomorrow.  After my presentation was over at the local hospital Sunday evening, a neurologist asked me a question during the Q&A session.  In answer to her question, I shared the gospel with her and asked, “Is there any reason for you not to accept Christ.”  With reluctance, she said that all her family was Buddhists including her parents.  Instead of laying pressure on her, I said, “You can talk to any one of these Christian doctors about Christ whenever you are ready to become a Christian.”  To my surprise, she came to the Mongolian Medical Professional’s Retreat in which I spoke Monday through Tuesday.  This morning, she came to me and said, “I am ready to accept Christ.  Would you pray for me?”  One prominent Mongolian neurologist has been born again as of this morning.

After I finished my presentation on Leadership last night, I had a lighthearted conversation with these doctors.  While we were sharing our testimonies and praying for one another, one cancer specialist told me, “I have been coming to this retreat for some time, but I have never accepted Christ.  Would you pray for me?”  What a glorious night!  I had the privilege of leading her to Christ.  As we wrapped up our one-and-a-half-day retreat, a radiologist who got married to a surgeon told me this.  “Pastor, my hospital has 350 people on staff.  When you return to Mongolia, would you promise me that you will come back to our hospital (the hospital where I spoke Sunday evening)?  I want to have all our staff to hear your presentation.  Our medical staff is overloaded, exhausted, and empty-hearted.  We need your message.”

I stayed up until midnight last night praying with these doctors one by one.  One burn specialist had so much in her heart to pour out.  I listened to her and prayed for her.  She wept so much.  She was delighted when she greeted me this morning, “Pastor after you prayed for me, I felt so much better physically and spiritually.”  The hosting pastor’s wife, Haka, leaned over and told me, “Pastor, she is the #1 burn specialist in our country.  I came to learn once again that regardless of our achievements and positions, we all desperately need Christ.

Please watch the worship of these 20 Mongolian medical specialist’s worship.

Thank you for your prayers and support.