Dear Friends, 

How have you been?  I wanted to tell you about my upcoming three-fold ministry to Africa and ask for your prayers.

  1. Evangelist Spouse Conference in Ethiopia (Aug. 8-17)
  2. David Chung Gospel Festival in Kenol, Kenya (Aug. 18-21)
  3. Pastor’s Conference in Gisenyi, Rwanda (Aug. 22-25)

During our February Ethiopian Evangelist Conference,  the evangelists begged us to offer a conference for their spouses.  As a result of this request, DCMi will host a special conference for the wives of 300 Ethiopian itinerant evangelists who are often on the road for their preaching ministries.  These women have the stress and sole responsibility of taking care of their homes and children while their husbands are gone.  Would you pray that the Lord will touch these ladies and restore their spirits?  Pray also for God’s fresh anointing on my friend and colleague Jaye Samson as she ministers to these ladies as the main conference speaker.  May the stories of her life and message refresh and renew the participants!

After Ethiopia, I travel to the city of Kenol, Kenya to hold a David Chung Gospel Festival, Aug. 18-21. As an outreach of Wesley Paul International Ministries, a group of evangelists will hold gospel festivals throughout the “Saba Saba” region of Kenya. Wesley Paul will follow up this week of simultaneous festivals with a Saba Saba Gospel Festival. These are my prayer requests regarding the festival:

1. May God use my festival to unite all the churches of Kenol.

2. May the new converts be adequately discipled and equipped to be leaders of the churches in Kenol.

3. May this festival raise the spiritual temperature of Kenol so that the Gospel will penetrate every sector of life.

4. Please pray for Wesley Paul and other participating evangelists that the Kingdom of God may come to Kenya with power through their faithful proclamation of the Gospel.  

 After Kenya, I travel to Gisenyi, Rwanda for a four day Pastor’s Conference.  These 50 pastors have become my dear brothers and sisters after a series of seminars for the past couple of years.  Please pray that God will develop them as extraordinary leaders.  May the Lord use these pastors to transform churches throughout Rwanda.  My goal is to see the cities and even the whole nation of Rwanda change through the work of these leaders. 

Thank you very much for standing alongside me.  Without your prayers, encouragement, and financial support, this ministry would not be possible.  The Lord has constantly opened new doors of opportunity to reach out to the world with the Gospel and has provided for the ministry in amazing ways, in spite of the current economic hardships in our country. Therefore, I cannot help but obey His call.  My sincere appreciation and prayers for you are enclosed.

Looking forward to hearing from you,


P.S   Please pray for God’s mercy on my travel.  I always dread the long flights and multiple days of travel!