Dear DCMi Family, June 9, 2013

Last Sunday, my coworker Antoinnette and Lisa returned to Seattle after a week of ministry in Ethiopia.  We invited some 70 native Ethiopian evangelists to our conference this time.  Instead of teaching these evangelists methodologies of evangelism, our focus was to refresh and restore them through spirit-filled prayer and authentic fellowship.  Lisa replied to my email saying, “Yes, we were set on fire!  I’ve been waking up every morning with a worship song in my heart from Ethiopia – I couldn’t tell you what they are saying but the presence of God is in the midst of the song.”

Dr. Eyasu Ferenji, our Ethiopian partner, sent me an email thanking DCMi for the conference.  This is what he wrote:

Thank you so much for your contribution to make this conference happen. The only thing we missed was David Chung. Here a story I would like to share with you: A single lady about 27 years old was commissioned by her church and was sent to our office to assign her. She heard the place called “Wodessa” about 100 miles from Addis Ababa. Our office staff said, “You can’t go there. The people are brutal.  They kill each other. The law does not properly operates there.  We just can’t allow you to go there as evangelist.  But she refused to go to other place. She said. “I heard that place’s name so I will go there. God is with me. If I live I will serve, if I die the church of our Lord will be planted on the place where I die.” Because of her determination she was finally allowed to go. When the area leaders got that letter, they were so shocked because they knew how terrible the place was.  Then they offered her a couple of places as an option considering she was single woman.  This couldn’t change her mind either.  To make a long story short she went there in January and now in five months she could convert 80 people to Christ. She also begged some churches and built 40 iron sheet roofed church but it couldn’t occupy the people. She is praying and looking to build a bigger church. More than that she also crossed the next village and converted three families to Christ. She was so enthusiastic and bold that we were so encouraged and praised the Lord for her.

We are truly grateful to God for keep opening the doors for equipping these evangelists for effective ministry.  Thank you so much for your prayers and financial support.

As you know, we will hold the largest evangelistic festival ever held in Yangon, Myanmar, Oct. 23-25.

We are organizing the festival in a way that we will not only preach the gospel to citizens of Yangon, but the event will be sizable enough for the people of the Buddhist culture to pay significant attention to the claims of the gospel during that week and thereafter.  During the summer and fall up till the festival, I will focus on raising funds for this festival as the budget DCMi has to raise for this ministry is $100,000.  Please pray for God’s provision.  As the Lord lays a burden on your heart, would you also give for this ministry, too.  I pray that God will use our concerted effort bring about an unprecedented spiritual harvest in Myanmar.

Prayerfully Yours,

David and Kay,