Dear Friends of DCMI,                                                                         July 4, 2006

How have you been? We are so sorry to have been out of touch with you. Our schedules have been crazy this year with David preaching at evangelistic rallies and conferences on the weekends in addition to teaching at Faith Evangelical Seminary. Kay has been commuting a fairly long distance to work and coordinating things on the home front. God is good and somehow gets us through all the craziness. We are sure that all of you can relate to that.

David has been preaching closer to home recently. Most invitations have come from churches in the Seattle-Tacoma area, making it possible for him to preach and help train leaders in our home area. On Sunday July 16, he will preach at Grace Community Church in Auburn (our home church). It is often said that it is hardest for an evangelist to preach in his own church, and he is already a bit nervous. Please pray that God will use our ministry to help bring spiritual revival in our area as well as all over the world.

On a sad note, David lost his American grandma this year. In 1981 Mrs. Ruth Willett came to Korea with a mission team from Colorado to work with several Korean churches, including David’s. David and Ruth hit it off and they adopted each other as grandma and grandson. For the past 25 years, David has been so grateful to Grandma Ruth for her unconditional love. When David got word that Grandma was unconscious in a hospice facility in Colorado Springs, he flew there to say goodbye. We praise God that Grandma waited for him. The day after David returned home, we received a phone call saying that Grandma Ruth had gone to be with the Lord. It was a bittersweet time for David as he said goodbye to this precious lady, yet he rejoiced knowing she was with her Savior and many of her family who had passed on before her. Kay looks forward to meeting Grandma in heaven one of these days.

After several years of seeking answers, we learned this year that Grace is autistic. We rejoice that God has given us this sweet treasure, but we are saddened by her struggles to relate to other people, especially her peers. Please pray for God’s wisdom as we seek the most appropriate treatment options for Grace as she enters first grade. Thankfully, autism is much more prevalent these days, so there are a number of resources available for parents. Some of the treatments are very expensive and not covered by insurance. We trust that God will continue to provide for us so that we can give Grace what she needs to achieve her God-given potential. We dare to ask God to completely heal Grace, although we realize that He often chooses to work in other ways.

David is a student once again! He took his first class in Comparative Religion and Christian Apologetics this year and will work toward a Doctor of Ministry in Christian Apologetics. While ministering in Eastern Europe, he saw how the influence of the Orthodox Church and other Christian cult groups were hindering evangelism in that part of the world. Please pray that God will use this program of study to equip David as an evangelist capable of refuting false teachers and spreading the truth and freedom of the gospel. Kay took a Mission Perspectives course this spring, although not for college credit. The course was a wonderful opportunity for her to learn about our great Missionary God and how He has worked throughout the history of the world and is still working to draw people to Himself. The course also inspired Kay to find new ways to work with David and DCMI to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Kay is going to Santa Cruz, Bolivia with a mission team from our home church to work with Campus Crusade missionaries and local pastors to expand an existing church in Santa Cruz. The team will construct a simple church structure, hold Vacation Bible School and musical concerts, show the Jesus Film, and spread the good news on the streets and door-to-door. The team leaves Friday, July 7 and will return on July 17. Please pray for their safety in travel and for fruitful ministry.

This summer will keep David busy as he prepares for teaching a modular class in Strategies of Church Growth at Faith Seminary and a pastor’s conference in Ukraine, both scheduled in September. In August, he will serve at the Korean Pastor’s Conference held by New Song Church, Tacoma in cooperation with YWAM, Kona, Hawii. The purpose of this conference is to help Korean pastors catch a fresh new vision to revitalize the declining Korean church. You can find more information at the DCMI website. Please note the new web address: (Formerly

As always, we thank God for you and we thank you for your prayers and generous support. Let us hear from you!

In Christ,

David and Kay Chung
David Chung Ministries International
P.O. Box 4161
Federal Way, WA