Dear Friends of DCMi,                                                                          July 21, 2008

It is already mid-summer though summer seems to have started only a couple of weeks ago. How have you been? We miss you and pray that this finds you and yours well and blessed.

My summer ministry started at Diaspora Church in New Jersey. It was my privilege to speak at the inaugural service of this church three years ago. At this third

anniversary in the last week on June, I saw the church packed with new believers. My eyes were moistened as a parable of Jesus came to my heart: the kingdom of God is “like a mustard see, which is the smallest seed you planted in the ground. Yet when planted, it grows and becomes the largest of all garden plants, with such big branches that the birds of the air can perch in its shades” (Matt. 4:30-32).
Isn’t it amazing that God’s vision planted on the church planter’s heart three years ago bore so much fruit as this? It was so refreshing to see a growing church in the age of church decline in America.

After New Jersey, I flew to Amsterdam to help train a group of young people for evangelism with YWAM, Amsterdam.  Amsterdam is a sinful city where drugs and prostitution are not illegal. I remember seeing young people lie on the street corners of Amsterdam drugged and half-naked a few years ago. On this trip my heart was broken to see Spiritual deadness of the Netherlands which once was once known as a birth place of the reform movement. Would you pray with me that God will scatter these young people we trained last week all over Europe and the world as God’s mighty witness? Pray also that the Lord of the harvest will use YWAM, Amsterdam to bring revival in Europe as well as in the Netherlands.

After Amsterdam, I traveled to Cologne, Germany to speak at a young people’s praise service and Sunday morning worship service at Hanbit Church. Being a Korean Church, Habit Church provided to the congregation such a quality experience of praise and worship. Furthermore, I was shocked to see how serious the second generation Korean-German young people were with regard to evangelizing Europe through their life and ministry. The pastor of the church asked me if I could send some qualified English speaking leaders from America who will help disciple these Korean-German young people for ministry. He said, since they are already fluent in speaking Korean, German, English and at least one other European language, God can easily use them to set fire in the hearts of Europeans that have long gone astray from God’s kingdom as long as they are properly mobilized. Please pray with me that God will send out workers into this harvest filed; for I have witnessed that the harvest is ready but the workers are in desperate need of training.

Over the past weekend, I had a privilege of speaking at a young adults’ retreat at the foot of Mount Rainer near Seattle. My heart was moved when I saw many young people coming forward to commit their lives to the Lord and to the cause of His kingdom. May the Lord continue to fill their hearts with His burdens and desires! I imagine a day when these young people will rise up to help evangelize the Pacific-Northwest where Bible-believing Christian population is still a minority.

I will be at Wheaton College in Chicago the last week of July attending a Korean World Missions Conference. Held in every four years, this Conference is the largest Korean missions-related event held outside Korea. More than 1200 Korean missionaries and 3000 Korean Christians living in the United States will attend the Conference to reconfirm their call to missions and world evangelization. I will lead a seminar on “effective leader training in the mission field.” Please pray that the missionaries attending my seminar will receive practical help in this seminar.

My travel will continue in August, too. The highlight of August is to attend Extend the Impact Conference and Luis Palau’s Portland CityFest. Evangelist Luis Palau is hosting Extend the Impact Conference to help training young evangelists of America while he himself is holding a city-wide festival evangelism event. During the conference, Kay and I will facilitate a breakout session on effective follow-up for producing leaders.  You can find more information about DCMi’s outreach this summer at

Thank you so much for your support both spiritual and financial. Enjoy the rest of this summer and we will see you in the fall. We would love to hear from you.

In Christ,

David, Kay, and Gracie