Dear Friends,

Summer in Seattle-Tacoma is beautiful. The snow-covered Mount Rainier, the blue ocean, the green hills alongside the road, and pleasant climate . . . I cannot help thanking the Creator for the beauty of the nature in which we live.

Since my latest trip to Ukraine in February, I had had a busy schedule, teaching and researching for my teaching at Faith Evangelical College/ Seminary. Though I do not have any teaching load during this summer, my mind is still overwhelmed as I prepare for the upcoming outreach to Africa.

October 4-8, I will hold a Pastor’s Conference in Gisenyi, Rwanda. Since the genocide in 1994, the Muslim population has exploded whereas the Christian population has steadily decreased in Rwanda.

Overwhelmed by the rapidly increasing influence of the Muslims, the church leaders of Gisenyi have long desired to have Western church leaders to come to help develop their church leaders for evangelism and ministry. When my representative delivered to the Gisenyi church leaders of my intention to hold a Pastor’s Conference in their city, they shouted Hallelujahs and some had tears of joy rolling on their cheek. Right at the site, more than one hundred pastors expressed their desire to attend the conference.

In order to increase the effectiveness of training and decrease the cost thereof, I am planning to limit the number of conference attendees to thirty-fifty pastors. Please pray that God will give us discernment to select the right leaders who are capable of reproduction, which will lead to multiplication. Pray also that God will supply the finances for the conference especially as DCMI will provide the conference attendees with lunch and snack. May the Lord renew the spirit of these pastors this week that they may receive a new vision for evangelism and church growth.

We are planning to serve the churches and the church leaders of Gisenyi through evangelism and leadership development for the upcoming five to ten years. When it is the right time, we would like to hold a city-wide evangelistic campaign to unite the churches together for evangelism and discipleship. Would you partner with me in embracing Gisenyi and pray for the salvation of its people?

October 11-15, I will hold an Evangelist Conference in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. To this historical conference, we have invited some 200 Ethiopian national evangelists whose ministries have been proven fruit-bearing. In spite of all the hardships of life, limited resources, and often persecutions, these evangelists have faithfully proclaimed Jesus as the Savior and Lord of their people. We certainly pray that this conference will uplift their spirits and polish up their skills for more effective harvest of souls in Ethiopia. This conference will cost us $19,000 and five church leaders from the U.S.A. and Scotland have already committed to give to the conference $2500 each. They will not only support the conference financially but they will also come to the conference on their own expense to work as conference speakers along with me (You can see one of these leaders’ fundraising effort at pages/Run-for-Ethiopia/ 133149326704179?ref=ts). Please pray with me for God’s blessing on these five leaders fundraising effort for this ministry trip. Some of my supporters have already given to DCMi sacrificially to help develop these Ethiopian evangelists through this conference also. Would you pray that the Lord will provide for the conference both spiritually and financially? If the Lord lays a burden on your heart for these Ethiopian evangelists, please pray about giving for the conference. I would still need a couple of more spirit-filled leaders to come alongside with us as conference speakers. Would you please pray with me for more workers because the harvest is ready but the workers are few. Above all, please pray for the participating 200 evangelists. I am sure they are looking forward to this conference. Pray that their plan to attend the conference will not be interrupted by unexpected events and that their spirits will be renewed at the conference so that they will receive a new vision for harvest of souls. We claim Ps. 68:31 in our prayers, “Ethiopia will quickly stretch out her hands to God.”

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