Yangon Gospel Festival

David Chung Ministries International (DCMi) had the recent privilege of holding the first large-scale evangelistic crusade in the country of Myanmar. Until the government leadership changed two years ago, religious groups were forbidden to gather in large numbers.  Myanmar’s change in leadership has opened relationships with the west and has allowed the opportunity for large-scale evangelism.   

David was first introduced to Dr. Va Bi at a Burmese church in Kent, Washington.  The two men discovered that they both held a passion for evangelization and Dr. Bi invited David to work with him and the Myanmar Ministers Conference to hold an evangelistic festival in Yangon, the former capital of Myanmar.  The first step in festival preparation was holding a pastor’s conference where David spent one week with 400 pastors in Yangon.  This event in itself was an unprecedented gathering of Christians. After the pastor’s conference, over 100 churches in Yangon formally issued an invitation to David Chung Ministries International to hold an evangelistic festival in Yangon in 2013. David and Dr. Bi worked together to form a leadership structure and to train pastors and counselors for the first Yangon Gospel Festival.  He was also able to secure the necessary government permit for the festival.

Meanwhile, David in the US, David was assisted by a number of individuals in the tasks of administration and fundraising.   The Lord graciously provided funding and visas for the team who traveled to Yangon for the festival which was held October 2325.  The event was held outdoors at the Yangon Convention Center and was attended by 7,000-9,000 people each night.  The Myanmar Young Crusaders, an organization which provides drug and alcohol rehab services in Myanmar as well as other Christian ministries provided the musicians at no charge.  A number of leading pop and rock singers volunteered their time and talents to prepare the way for the gospel message.  Crowds came to hear their favorite artists and then heard David preach the gospel message.  Over the three nights, at least 1,000 people responded to the message by giving their lives to the Lord or rededicating their lives to the Lord.   Local churches will follow up with these new believers to disciple them and help them become an active member of the Christian community.  The local pastors and churches have been encouraged and strengthened through the festival and look forward to other opportunities to spread the good news in their country.

Kay Chung