November 2, 2021

Dear Friends,

Would you pray for my teammate Dr. Antoinette Williams’ safe return?  Antoinette has been serving ministry in Ethiopia since Sunday.  This morning, however, the Ethiopian government declared an emergency in the area where Antoinette is serving due to political and civil instability.  The US State Department is advising Americans to withdraw from this region immediately and not to travel to Ethiopia at this time.  Since all meetings of any kind have been canceled in the region, Antoinette and the mission team are in the process of moving to Addis Ababa now.


Please pray for Antoinette’s safe return as follows:

  1. Antoinette and the team will not have any security issues as they are driving back to Addis.
  2. Antoinette will be able to reschedule their return trip to Seattle.  Due to the weak wifi connection, this seems difficult.
  3. Her covid test will turn out negative so that she can fly out of Ethiopia immediately.

Thank you so much for praying.