Dear Friends and Family,                                                               January 2, 2006

Our Christmas greetings have now become New Year’s greetings, but we wanted to let each of you know we are thinking of you and wishing you a blessed 2006. As I (Kay) write this letter, I struggle with how to tell you about our lives without boring you or sounding too pious or trite or depressing. So, please read between the lines and know that we’ve had a real year full of real joys and real heartaches intermingled with many ordinary days. Through it all, we’ve experienced a very real God who has carried us every step of the way.

David and I will celebrate our first anniversary on January 15th! We and David’s parents live together in a not-so-large home in Federal Way, Washington. It has been quite a year as we have melded two cultures and two families into one. I have to smile remembering what a godly person I thought I was before I married.  God is so gracious, though, because in spite of the difficulties of two families living together (and two women sharing a small kitchen), our family is so blessed. We had a great time celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas American-style; while we started the New Year by dressing in traditional Korean clothes and making a “big bow” to David’s parents. It is fun to have our American friends over for Mom’s wonderful Korean cooking, while grilling thick, juicy steaks for our Korean guests.

Grace is five now and is attending a half-day kindergarten class. She is a bright, precious girl who loves to work puzzles, read books, help mom cook and use her imagination. The highlights of her week are ballet class and going to the “chirodoctor” with Grandpa and Grandma where she helps with Grandma.   Her communication skills are lagging behind other children of her age and we have been frustrated by the wait to have her evaluated here. A friend from Mississippi has helped us to get an appointment in Hattiesburg at the USM Dubard School for Language Disorders. Grace and I will be traveling there in February for an evaluation. Please keep Grace, David and me in your prayers as we seek a diagnosis and treatment options for Grace.

Another really big event this year is that David was recently reunited with his 8 year-old daughter Amy after many years of separation. Amy lives in Los Angeles and we now have a regular visitation schedule. We had our first weekend together December 17 and 18 and it went really well. Amy is a very sweet girl and seems to be excited about having a little sister. We will visit her again at the end of January, then hopefully she will fly to Washington for our visits. Please pray for all of us as we get adjusted to each other.

David has had a busy year of ministry. He established David Chung Ministries International (DCMI) several years ago to help him fulfill his passion and calling to missions. So, when he is not teaching Old Testament courses at Faith Seminary in Tacoma, he often travels to other cities and even other countries to preach, teach, and share Christ. We were excited that DCMI was granted a non-profit 501-c-3 status by the IRS this year. This will allow us to expand the ministry further in 2006. If you aren’t familiar with DCMI, we hope you’ll check out the website at to read about David’s upcoming ministry opportunities and how you can pray for him. David will travel to Honduras (January 9-13) to teach 300 young people who are future Christian leaders.

While David’s ministry has flourished this year, mine is being redefined. Of course, my first priority is to be a wife and mother, but I have missed feeling like I had a passion and calling of my own. I work 3 days per week as a Wal-Mart pharmacist in various stores. God has opened my eyes to see my job as a ministry. I have also gotten to know some women at our church and one in particular who has a child with special needs similar to Grace’s has become a dear friend. I have enjoyed traveling with David and becoming a part of his ministry – both through music and behind the scenes. David and I will be taking a Mission Perspectives class at church this spring and I look forward to additional ministry and mission opportunities throughout the year.

As always, we are so grateful for each of you. We cherish your friendship and prayers. Please let us hear from you. May you experience His marvelous love for you each day of the year!

David, Kay and Grace Chung