Dear Friends,                                                                                    January 6, 2009
As the new year begins, we are thinking of you. We hope that your Christmas was a joyous celebration of our Savior’s birth. We actually had a “White Christmas” this year, which is unusual for the Seattle area. Grace got out of school several days early for Christmas break.

As always, we are so grateful for your prayers and financial support of DCMi.. Thanks to your involvement, David was able to minister on 24 different occasions and in 5 different countries in 2008. In Kiev (Ukraine) and Amsterdam (the Netherlands) he trained a group of young people for evangelism. He preached in Germany and Kyrgyzstan. You have also helped support DCMi missionaries in Romania, Ukraine, and the Netherlands.

At a Faith Seminary extension course held in LA in conjunction with the WHW Conference, David taught a course entitled “Strategies for Church Growth” to 40 pastors. These pastors have determined to focus on becoming human instruments that God can freely use. David emphasized the importance of developing the pastor’s spirituality and leadership ability before they seek to evangelize and disciple others. He hopes to teach a new course at WHW this year entitled “Advanced Strategies for Church Growth.” For more information on WHW, log on to

In November, David preached a 3-day revival at Rock Baptist Church in Shreveport, LA. He then led a Pastor’s Conference for Korean pastors from Louisiana, Arkansas, and Texas. For two days, these pastors and their wives reflected on their past and discovered the way God has used various people and events in their lives to equip them as spiritual leaders. Based on their discovery, they sought ways to maximize their effectiveness as ministers of the gospel. David’s passion is to see these pastors develop leaders who will transform their churches and their communities.                        

We have the opportunity to go to Rwanda this summer. David will work with Luis Palau ministries in evangelism and pastoral training. In 1994, Rwanda experienced a terrible genocide when almost 1 million people were massacred within 100 days. God is healing this nation and we are drawn to be a part of it. We hope to partner with others in this area who have a heart for the people of Rwanda. Please pray that God will bring together our team and provide the strategy and finances for this ministry.

Here is David’s upcoming schedule. We appreciate your prayers for God’s strength and guidance in David’s ministry.
1. January 12-16: Faith Seminary: Teaching “Old Testament Exposition Part 2”
2. January 19: Puget Sound Korean Baptist Association meeting
3. January 25: Preaching at Antioch Korean Baptist Church
4. January 26-30: Attending Doctor of Ministry class
5. February 2-6: Faith Seminary: Teaching “Principles of Leadership”

David and I will be hosting our small group from church to go through “The Truth Project”. This 13-week series from Focus on the Family is designed to help Christians develop a Biblical worldview. Please pray that God will use this series to challenge us to become Christians with a passion for Christ whom God can use to bring salvation, healing, and hope to those around us.

Grace is enjoying 3rd grade. She spends half of her day in a special education classroom and the other half in a mainstream class. She has been on a special diet and numerous supplements for about 2 and ½ years now. We are so thankful for the progress she is making. Thank you for praying for her so faithfully. Grace loves reading books, working puzzles, doing crafts, helping mom cook, and watching movies. She was in taekwando for a couple of years, but we decided to try some new things. She was on a soccer team this fall and will participate in Upward Cheerleading this winter.

Sometimes it’s hard to understand how a child with autistm thinks. This makes it challenging to help her learn certain math concepts, reading comprehension, and to learn about God. Would you pray for continued healing of Grace’s mind and body and pray that God will give David and me wisdom for how to teach her?

We have had some good visits with David’s daughter Amy this year. She is now 11 and in 6th grade. She enjoys swimming, reading, crafts, and music. She plays the flute and piano. We all went to DisneyLand for spring break and Amy came here this summer and for Christmas. Highlights of her summer visit were hiking and having a bonfire with friends at their farm. Please pray that we can continue to grow closer to her. Grace absolutely adores Amy and always looks forward to her visits.

We added to our household this year. We now have 2 dogs. Jinjoo, our Korean jindo, is about 2 years old and is a sweetheart. Sarah, our new shih tzu puppy is 4 ½ months old and wild! She is cute as can be, but totally into everything!

David’s parents are doing well also. Dad has friends everywhere and is constantly dining out with someone. He is our Mr. Fix It and Dog Whisperer, although Sarah has not heard too many of his whispers yet! Mom is a great cook and is the studious one who enjoys reading and studying English. Both of them take regular walks with Jinjoo. They will take their US Citizenship exam sometime this year and are excited about becoming American citizens.

I’m still working for Wal-Mart pharmacy 3-4 days per week. David is still teaching at Faith Seminary. Both of us are continuing to focus on taking care of our bodies, His temples.. Praise God that I lost 20 pounds this past year, although I still have more to go. David is trying to swim and work out more regularly.

Sometimes all the stuff going on at home and in the world can be so overwhelming and discouraging. Aren’t you thankful that God is in control and that He is for us? I heard a repeated theme last year: God doesn’t just love you – He likes you. He is very fond of you. You are His favorite.

We pray that 2009 is the best year of your life so far. May we all walk closer with Jesus than ever before and let His light shine through us. You are His favorite child!

We love you,

David, Kay and Grace