Dear Friends,                                                                                         January 2011

We hope that 2011 has been a good year for you so far. I (David) will leave this week for 19-day trip to Ethiopia and Rwanda. The Ethiopian conference has been in the works for over a year since I met Eyasu Ferenj in the fall of 2009. Eyasu and I began planning and praying that God would provide the funding and resources to hold a 5-day training conference for 200 Evangelists in Eyasu’s home country. Initially, other individuals and organizations were to share the project and the funding with DCMi, but it has become clear that the Lord has entrusted this almost twenty-thousand dollar project solely to DCMi. We praise Him for providing the funding necessary for this ministry!

After a day of travel, our team will arrive in Addis Ababa on Jan. 29. We will kick off our Ethiopian ministry with my preaching at an Ethiopian church on Jan. 30. The 200 Ethiopian evangelists we have invited to the conference will arrive at the retreat center on the outskirts of Addis Ababa on that Sun- day. The conference will last for five days (Jan. 31-Feb. 4) and I am sure that these five days will write a new chapter of evangelism in the history of the Ethiopian Church.

Our team (conference speakers) consists of two other evangelists in addition to me. Antoinette Williams will travel with me from Seattle and Stephen May and his wife Brenna from Scotland. These are coming to Ethiopia at their own expense to help provide quality training to the native evangelists. In order to provide a balanced perspective, we have added three other Ethiopian church leaders and evangelists to the conference speaker list, aside from Dr. Eyasu Ferenj, the conference host. (See Eyasu at right receiving his Doctor of Missiology degree at Western Seminary, Portland, OR.)

Would you pray with us for this historic event? Please pray for the safety of these 200 evangelists as they travel to Addis Ababa for the conference. For some it may take a whole day or two just to get to Addis from their respective villages. Pray also that the procedure of the conference will flow smoothly and that this conference will make an impact on the hearts of these evangelists for a greater spiritual harvest.

On Feb. 5, I will fly to Rwanda directly from Ethiopia since I am scheduled to preach at two Sunday morning services at Africa New Life Church ( in Kigali on Feb. 6. After this service, we will move to Gisenyi to hold a Gisenyi Pastor’s Conference, Feb. 7-11. A fellow evangelist who works frequently in Africa was to teach in Gisenyi in February; however, due to a decline in funding with the downturn in the U.S. economy, he was unable to go at this time. Again, we praise God for providing ample funding for me to extend my Africa trip for another week to go to Rwanda.

As I shared in our last newsletter, we are determined to invest our efforts in developing the church leaders of Gisenyi in the next few years. I eventually plan to hold a united city-wide evangelistic crusade in which every church of Gisenyi will participate. Through this united outreach event, I want to help the Gisenyi churches regain their spiritual authority over the powers of darkness so that Gisenyi churches will rise up in this city and counter the influence of Islam.

Grace and I (Kay) will be staying here with David’s parents and the 3 dogs as David travels. Thank you for your prayers for our family. Grace is doing well in 5th grade, her last year of elementary school. Although she is still more than a year behind her grade level, her academic skills are improving with the help of a Korean-run tutoring service here in Federal Way that she attends twice weekly. It is great to see her feel more confident in math. She is again participating in Upward Cheerleading this spring, which she loves! And we were excited that she was given a small part in her school’s spring play.

Would you pray with us that Grace will continue to grow in wisdom and stature and favor with God and others? My heart’s desire as a mother is for her to have some good friends close to her own age. My prayer for myself this year is that I will grow spiritually and shrink physically through taking better care of my health. We are thankful that David’s parents’ health is stable at this time and that they are able to help us care for Grace while David travels and I am working.

Thank you very much for your financial and spiritual support. If it were not for you, David would be unable to tackle such a significant ministry of making disciples of all nations (Matt. 28:18-20). Through our partnership, the kingdom of God is meaningfully extended on the continent of Africa.

You can discover more about our ministry in Africa at Please check it out and leave us messages also. You can also reach us by facebook or email.

We wish you a year full of His love, joy and peace,

David and Kay Chung