Dear DCMi Family                                                                                January, 2013

It’s been several days since we kicked off the year.  For whatever reason, the weather was perfect in Seattle for a few days; no rain, clear sky, and the bright sun.  From a couple of days ago, however, it began to rain and the sun “disappeared” again.   

Have you been able to carry out your new year’s resolution so far?  Each year I had ambitious plans; by the spring I always altered the plans; the summer, I almost changed all my plans; and by the fall, I regretted that I did not carry out my new year’s resolutions.  Once again I came to have ambitious resolutions for this year.

In obedience to the Great Commission, “Make disciples of all nations,” DCMi will minister in Africa, Europe, and Asia this year.  We have pastor’s conferences in Uganda and in Rwanda in the spring.  Our goal is to develop church leaders in East Africa so that they will transform their people and their cities through their ministries.  In the summer, we will train native evangelists in Ethiopia.  Though we have been invited to the Democratic Republic of Congo, the current war in DRC prevents us from going there.  As soon as the war is over, we are willing to go there to wipe the tears from the eyes of people while proclaiming Jesus still saves.  We pray that day will come soon.

DCMi’s ministry in Europe in the spring is focused on developing and reequipping missionaries.  After preaching in Kiev, I will travel to Poland to speak to Korean Baptist missionaries serving all over Europe.  Just thinking of these missionaries being renewed at the conference, returning to their place of service, and making impacts on the hearts of people all over Europe thrills me.

The target of DCMi’s major outreach in Asia is Myanmar.  More than 100 pastors and churches of Yangon have invited us to come again to hold a major evangelistic festival.  Along with a city-wide gospel festival, we are planning to hold a pastors conference, women leadership conference, and intercessory prayer conference.  For the first time at the heart of a Buddhist nation, the gospel will be proclaimed with clarity and urgency.  Through thorough preparation we are planning to make the impact of the gospel last in that city for long even beyond the days of the festival. 

Thank you for the way you have cooperated with us for the cause of world evangelization.  I pray that God will honor our concerted effort to proclaim the gospel and develop leaders all over the world and give us great harvest of souls.

Serving God Together,

David & Kay Chung