Dear Friends, December 19, 2015

I hope that you are enjoying this blessed season of celebrating God’s greatest gift to us.

As of August 31, I resigned my teaching position from Faith Evangelical College & Seminary. With my teaching load constantly increasing for the past few years, it has been impossible for me to focus on both our ministry and my teaching responsibilities.I have had the desire to maintain meaningful dialogue with my supporters, but I have had neither time nor energy to do so with a fulltime teaching load and my father’s medical needs. It has been difficult for me to hear of the many needs on the mission field, but be unable to respond accordingly.

Although I am incredibly grateful for the position I had with Faith Seminary for the past 11 years, my heart has always been in the “real field” of ministry. I have seen the desperate spiritual needs in unreached areas of the world and the demoralizing culture of our own nation and have longed to focus on bringing Jesus to this hurting world. After a period of reflection, prayer and talking with Kay, I concluded that God is calling me to leave the security of my teaching position in order to fulfill His primary calling for my life and ministry.

The Lord has already opened many doors of opportunity for ministry in 2016. I recently took an introductory trip to Nepal where a foundation was laid for future pastor’s conference and eventually, a large-scale evangelistic festival. We also plan to return to Myanmar, Ethiopia, Uganda, and Ukraine in 2016.

My trip to Nepal was fruitful. I had a great time of vision casting with major church leaders of Nepal. At the invitation of the Nepali church, DCMi plans to go to Nepal three times a year for the next 3 years to develop church leadership. Our first trip will be in February 2016.Thisdevelopment of church leaders and mobilization of Nepali churches for evangelism and discipleship will culminate in a major gospel festival in Kathmandu. We will proclaim the exclusivity of Christ in this city of 330 million gods. By God’s providence, the new constitution of Nepal which was established in September warrants the freedom of religion. The two earthquakes prepared the hearts of Nepali people to pay close attention to the compassionate claims of Jesus.

Some 70 evangelists attended Antoinette’s conference in Ethiopia in October. The encouragement and hands-on training these evangelists received from Antoinette was invaluable. We are grateful to you for your generous support.

Would you consider partnering with us both in prayer and financial giving in these endeavors? As the Lord lays it upon your heart, please consider a special end-of-year donation or a monthly gift in 2016. I have been praying for 40 individuals (people, churches or businesses) that would support my ministry with $50 a month in year 2016. A response form is included at the end of the letter.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!