Dear Friends,

My leadership development ministry in Ivory Coast last week went really well.  The student-pastors I had the privilege of developing told me that the training I offered opened their eyes to see the difference between the problems of African church leaders and what leadership should be like.  One of the pastors said, “I have always been so busy serving the church to the point of exhaustion, but I have always wondered why there has been no fruit.  This week, I learned that busyness does not necessarily mean fruitfulness.  Thank you for teaching us the importance of focusing on our priorities.”  All student-pastors were overjoyed by the course and they asked me to keep returning to Ivory Coast to develop them into the best leaders they are capable of becoming.  They expressed their joy in learning and growing in the following fashion.  Please click the link.

Last Sunday, I preached at Evangelical Baptist Church near Paris. The French Baptist denomination has 105-member churches.  The church where I preached is 12 years old and had about 25 people come to worship that Sunday.  10 churches were planted along with his church, but all 9 closed down, except for this church.  I was told that a big church has around 70 people.  Europe truly needs the gospel.  Please see the members of the church where I spoke pray.

Thank you for your partnership.  In 30 minutes, boarding starts for me to return to Seattle.  I miss home.

In Christ,