The God of NEAR AND FAR!

For the past 8 weeks, Mike and I have been caring for his little brother “Tony.” Recently, his Colon Cancer caused him severe complications, infections, fevers, and last month an emergency ostomy surgery! Hospitalization and now a rehabilitation facility for care and to gain his strength.

WE SEE GOD MOVING- thanks to your prayers!

The Lord utilized this “life interruption” as a divine interruption! My weary days leave work early to sleep at the hospital, care, bathe, walk, cry, laugh, and play Jenga or color with Tony Jesus – to pray, love, and bring his compassion to give Tony the best day ever! Tony is God’s child too, suffering, and sick, but he is the least of thee, and he deserves God’s compassion, love, and care!

HE is the GOD of NEAR and FAR!

The Lord is devoted to great promises, near and far! Now, He has promises to Cambodia that He will keep and has asked me to Go! “Go and raise up prayer warriors who would create flames of fire city by city.”  Many of you know me and prayer is my gift, and I will go to Cambodia and do that! As the Lord is sending me to PRAY, PRAY, and PRAY with my brothers and sisters of Cambodia. I wish to see another powerful move of God – in the hearts of the young people of Cambodia. Boldy, join me with fervent prayers and your financial support towards our mission to witness Cambodia on Fire for JESUS! or Zelle 253-344-8501