Dear Friends,
We wrapped up our Cambodia ministry last night.  With almost 98% of the population being Buddhists, Cambodian people in general do not know a whole lot about Christianity.  Christmas is almost the only thing they may know about Christianity.  Because of that reason, the Banteay Meanchey Churches decided to hold our Gospel Festival on the Christmas Eve and Christmas Day of 2024.  What we did in Cambodia last week is as follows:
1.  We traveled to all 9 districts of the Banteay Meanchey Province and met church leaders and pastors to unite them for a serious gospel event and follow through.
2. We created a structure in which all pastors can be trained and gave them a pastor development curriculum.
In order to achieve the second goal mentioned above, Larry Arnold traveled to Cambodia with me.  Larry is serving on DCMi’s board and he has a ministry called Biblical IQ.  Biblical IQ focuses on providing biblical and theological training to uneducated pastors in the mission fields.  Larry’s supporters are donating and praying for this to happen all over the world.  The church leaders we met in the 9 districts of the Banteay Meanchey were excited about the opportunity to develop themselves as better leaders through what we will offer.  Their worship was filled with joy and excitement.
Larry’s ministry of developing pastors is complimentary to my ministry of evangelism.  Although thousands of people may come to Christ at a Gospel Festival and thus begin to attend local churches, unless the quality of local church pastors’ ministry capacity is developed, the new believers may not remain in the local churches.  Please pray that our work of developing pastors in the Province of Banteay Meanchey will go well so that all 200 pastors of this province will be developed to the best of their ability in the upcoming two to three years.
Serving the Lord Together,