Dear Friends,

I am sending this email ONLY to those who sent us donations for Antoinette’s upcoming ministry in Nigeria.  We are in awe of your generosity! Antoinette needed $8000 to encourage church leaders and train them for effective ministry, especially to Muslims, and you gave a total amount of $19,675 so far.  We added $4,000 in matching funds as promised and the current total is $23,675.  WOW!!!  Thank you for your sacrificial support for Antoinette’s ministry in Nigeria.

Countless numbers of Nigerian Christians have been martyred in recent years so going to Nigeria to preach Christ bears a very special meaning to Antoinette and DCMi.

DCMi’s Board of Directors is gratefully rejoicing for your overwhelming support! After much prayer and discussion, the Board is recommending that the funds donated in excess of the direct need be allocated as follows:

  1. The board will add $325 to make the current total $24,000.
  2. Of the $24,000, we will use $10,000 for gospel ministry in Nigeria

     1) Antoinette will take $8000 for her ministry and travel expenses.

     2) DCMi will reserve $2,000 as seed money for a potential Nigeria follow-up ministry.

  1. Of the leftover $14,000, we will allocate funds for humanitarian relief.

     1) $7000 to provide food and basic necessities of life to the families of martyred Nigerian Christians through New Life for All (Letter from NLA).

     2) $7000 to provide education to the children of martyrs through Kingdom Citizens College (Letter from KCC).

     3) While providing food and necessities is the most urgent need, providing education will ultimately provide the martyrs’ children with the opportunity to grow as future leaders of Nigeria.  Developing leaders is an important core value in our mission statement:  “Reach People | Teach Leaders | Transform Nations.”

If this allocation of funds is okay with you, please keep praying for this ministry.  Antoinnette is departing Seattle for Nigeria on September 13th.  If you would prefer the total or part of your donation to be allocated differently, please inform us by September 6th, a week prior to Antoinette’s departure so that we can properly process the funds in time for her departure. 

From the bottom of our hearts, we express our gratitude to you for your big heart for Nigeria and the suffering Nigerian Christians.

On behalf of DCMi’s Board of Directors,

David Chung